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      2. Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
        Language: Chinese ∷  English

        About us

        BOSS Sealing Solutions is a sealing group which mainly engaged in researching and producing o-rings,hydraulic&pneumatic sealing elements,providing professional sealing solutions to customers all around the world.

        With a wide range seal profiles,we devoted to be the best one-stop-shop sealing solutions company.

        Products range:

        PTFE encapsulated o-rings,rubber o-rings,hydraulic cylinder seals,seal kits,rubber seal,plastic seal,rod seals,piston seals,glyd rings,scraper wiper seals,rotary shaft seals,oil sealing rings,spring energized seals,oil seals,lip seals,v packings,o rings,PTFE seals,PCTFE seals,PEEK seals,PU seals,UHMWPE seals,floating seals and so on.

        BOSS Sealing Solutions seal rings are widely used in hydraulic cylinders,pneumatic cylinders,construction machinery equipment, tractors,auto mobile industry,oil and gas industries,valves,pumps...

        If you are unsure what types is best for your application,then you can contact us for consult.
        If you can't find what you are looking for, or require a special design in specific performance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

        BOSS Sealing Solutions,best one-stop-shop sealing solutions specialist.