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      2. Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
        Language: Chinese ∷  English


        Sales promotion-Hyundai Seal Kit

        Dear Clients:

        We have new sales prompt for some Hyundai seal kit which sold at a competitive price.

        Hyundai 230E arm seal kit

        Hyundai 230E boom seal kit

        Hyundai 230E bucket seal kit

        Hyundai R210-7 Arm seal kit

        Hyundai R210-7 boom seal kit

        Hyundai R210-7 bucket seal kit

        Hyundai R320 arm seal kit

        Hyundai R320 boom seal kit

        Hyundai R320 bucket  seal kit

        MSB20G breaker seal kit

        If you have any interest,please feel free to contact us.

        [email protected]

        whatsapp: +86 133 9276 8056


        CONTACT US

        Contact: Henry

        Phone: +86 13392768056(WhatsApp)

        Tel: +86 757 87333601

        Email: [email protected]

        Add: DX3906,Sanshui,Foshan City,528100,Guangdong,China