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      2. Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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        Gasket washers Back-up Ring

        • Bonded Seals/Dowty washer
        • Bonded Seals/Dowty washer
        Bonded Seals/Dowty washerBonded Seals/Dowty washer

        Bonded Seals/Dowty washer

        • Dowty Washer
        • NBR metal
        • FKM metal
        • Metric bonded seal
        • Product description:
        • INQUIRY

        Bonded seals/Dowty washers are applicable to threaded pipe fittings and plug sealing in Metric System, the Britain System and BSP.

        The location processing of sealing groove is not specially required, so it is ideal fittings for fast and automatic installation. Its service temperature is -30℃~100℃, working pressure less than 39.2MPa.

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