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        Rubber O-Ring,X-Ring

        • FFKM O RING
        • FFKM O RING
        • FFKM O RING

        FFKM O RING

        • Perfluoroelastomer
        • Chemical resistance
        • high temperature resistance
        • Plasma resistance
        • Product description: FFKM O RING FOR PACKING ARM...
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        Properties of materials has a direct impact on the performance of seal. To choose a suitable material for o-rings, we must consider its chemical properties ,pressure, temperature, hardness, size and working conditions.

        FFKM O RING can resist most of the solvent. Our FFKM O RING is made of Solvay,Aflas,3M premium perfluoelastomer, can be used in harsh working conditions.

        FFKM O RING Features

        Chemical resistance

        It has excellent chemical resistance to strong acids, alkalis, amines, ethers, organic solvents, etc.

        High temperature resistance

        It can keep its properties and stable sealing performance in ultra high temperature, long time working temperature can up to 330 ℃。

        Plasma resistance

        In plasma conditions, it shows high detergency, low particle properties, it can resistant plasma impact for long time, shows excellent seal effect.

        FFKM O Ring Applications

        It widely used in semiconductor, flat panel industry, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries, suitable for etching process, the thin film manufacturing process and high-temperature, liquid, strong acid and other harsh environments.

        Product Series

        Chemical resistance series FFKM O RING;

        High temperature resistance series FFKM O RING;

        High detergency series FFKM O RING;


        JIS B2401 P Series, JIS B2401 G Series, JIS B2401 V Series, JIS B2401 NW Series, JIS B2401 S  Series, AS 568A Series, ISO3001 Series

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