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      2. Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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        Gasket washers Back-up Ring

        • L type back-up ring
        L type back-up ring

        L type back-up ring

        • L type
        • PTFE carbon material
        • Sealhead split ring
        • Balck
        • Product description: Sealhead back-up ring,Split ring,Black gasket,PTFE carbon back up ring
        • INQUIRY

        L-type split ring

        This L-shaped split back-up ring is made of carbon fiber filled PTFE, the carbon fiber filer makes the gasket has better wear resistant;45 degree cut makes the gasket easier to install.

        Can be used as a sealhead back up ring, commonly used in motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles.

        Customization is available.

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