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      2. Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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        Guiding Elements

        • GT-S
        • GT-S


        • PTFE Bronze
        • PTFE Carbon Fiber
        • Brown,Green,Black
        • Soft Tape
        • Product description: PTFE BRONZE GUIDE TAPE SOFT
        • INQUIRY


        GT-S is soft guide tape, it is widely used in hydraulic cylinders,pneumatic cylinders as rod piston guide elements.


        Brown:PTFE Bronze

        Green:PTFE Bronze

        Black:PTFE Carbon Fiber


        Thickness more than or equal to 2mm can be supplied with embossing.

        Embossing strucure is the sliding surface which with small lubrication micro cavity,it can promote the formation of a lubricant film,improve the micro-lubricating,embedded micro foreign matter and help to protect the seal system.

        it can be generally made into a double-side embossing and single embossing.

        Other general name:GST,BST,RYT