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      2. Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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        Spring Energized Seals/Vari Seal

        • Special Energized Seal
        • Special Energized Seal
        Special Energized SealSpecial Energized Seal

        Special Energized Seal

        • special seal
        • Spring energizer
        • Product description: Special Spring Energized Seal
        • INQUIRY

        Special Spring Energized Seal

        BOSS Sealing Solutions provide several defferent piston seal profiles,such as SSE01,SSE02,SSE03,etc.

        The SE Seal design is based on three principles:
        ●High-performance, engineered materials
        ●U-cup style seal jackets
        ●Metal spring energizers
        When selecting a seal for your application, careful consideration of these three principles will aid in choosing the best spring energized seal for your specific application. Our diverse and experienced technical staff can aid in product selection as well as product development if necessary, allowing us to be your partner not just a seal supplier.

        Typical Applications:
        ●Primary and Secondary Flight Controls                            ●Fuel Control Systems
        ●Medical and Laboratory Instrumentations                         ● Semiconductor Processing Equipment
        ●Pumps, Valves and Compressors                                     ● Oilfield Equipment
        ●Automotive and Motorsport

        Features and Benefits:
        Size: from 3 mm to 1800 mm
        Temperature: -196°C to +260°C
        Pressure: 45 MPa
        Low and controlled friction
        Broad chemical resistance

        Please according to your seal applications and choose a suitable spring energized seal.
        SE seal material:
        Pure PTFE,Bronze filled PTFE,Carbon fiber filled PTFE,Graphite filled PTFE,Glass fiber filled PTFE,Glass fiber/MoS2 filled PTFE,PEEK,PCTFE,UHMW-PE and so on.

        Spring types for SE Seals:
        ?103A:Helical spring energizer/O-Spring energizer
        ?400A:V-Spring energizer
        ?APS:Coil spring energizer

        Spring Energizer Materials:
        ?304 Stainless steel ?316 Stainless steel
        ?301 Stainless steel ?Elgiloy

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