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      2. Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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        Oil Seals

        • Floating Seal Group
        • Floating Seal Group
        Floating Seal GroupFloating Seal Group

        Floating Seal Group

        • Product description: floating seal,seal group
        • INQUIRY

        Floating seal group is consist of 2 pcs conical float seal ring and 2 pcs o-rings.

        Character: high hardness, wear-resisting, anti-dirty
        ability, corrosion resistant.
        Life: over 4500 hours
        HRC: 65-72
        Pressure: 3bar/cm2 (max.)
        Temperature range: -20-200 Degree
        Circumferential speed: 3m/ sec (max).
        Outer diameter: 50-865mm
        Working face precision: ≤ 0.015um
        Flatness: 0.1um-0.2 um;
        Used in construction machinery and mining machinery.