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        Oil Seals

        • TC Oil Seal
        • TC Oil Seal
        TC Oil SealTC Oil Seal

        TC Oil Seal

        • Double lip
        • Iron Framework
        • AS Oil Seal
        • Product description: Double lip TC rotary shaft oil seal
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        TC oil seal

        TC is a double lip oil seal, consist of a sealing lip and a wiper lip. It is widely used in construction machinery,gearbox,pumps and hydraulic motors,etc.

        Technical data:

        Material: nitrile rubber NBR + iron shell; fluoro rubber FKM + iron shell;
        Pressure: 0.5 bar /cm2
        Temperature: NBR: -20 ° C / + 100 ° C; FKM: -20 ° C / + 200 ° C
        Speed: NBR≤20 m/s; FKM≤40 m/s
        Size: Please request.
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