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      2. Welcome: BOSS Sealing Solutions
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        Hydraulic Wiper Seals

        • WPT
        • WPT


        • Product description: PTFE Wiper Seal WPT
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        Applications and properties

        Be widely used in agricultural machinery,injection moulding machines,forklifts,cranes.

        One no-standard seal and two o-ring energizer,scraper seal DPT1 improves the sealing effect,low

        coefficient offriction,no stick-slip behavior.Excellent performance in locating and positioning.High

        reliability,can accept full loadingworking pressure in a short time.

        Standard material

        Slide Ring:bronze filled PTFE,carbon fiber filled PTFE,graphite filled PTFE

        O-Ring:NBR/FKM. other material is available.

        Working conditions

        Diameter Range: from 20mm to 1000mm

        Pressure Range:0-60 MPa

        Temp Range: -30℃ to 200℃

        Speed: <=5m/s

        Medium:Hydraulic Oil,water,air barely flammable fluids.

        Other seal profile name: DPT,JPT1,DPE